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QuetzalCoatl Production Oy has been established 1993 in Oulu Finland. We are professionals not only in audiovisual production or as a company, but we also work in consulting and educational fields at different institutions. Members of our team have worked, and still hold positions, as musicians, illustrators, and video makers.

Over 25 years we have been involved in audiovisual productions, from planning and preparation, to supervising projects, recording music, and implementing courses. We can help you plan and finish your project, and to work within your requirements and circumstances, to accomplish a polished finished product.

Our main products are tailor-made video and tv-programs, audio cd:s and streaming music, graphic design works and consulting services.

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Listzt-Ravel CD-cover Mussorgsky CD-cover Debussy CD-cover Rännäli CD-cover Anttikripa CD-cover Tunnelbana CD-cover Yläsiirtolan Ramblers CD-cover Radiopuhelimet DVD-cover

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Heikki Timonen

Email: heikki(at)qcp.fi
Phone: +358 50 3065026
Skype: heikki.timonenii

Jukka "Jussi" Lappalainen

Email: jussi(at)qcp.fi
Phone: +358 40 5015731

Reijo Mustonen

Email: reijo(at)qcp.fi
Phone: +358 41 4625222

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Call us: +358 50 3065026